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Visiting NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I have visited NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on August 1st, 2023. It’s a great experience to see the real spacecrafts and the people behind them. What’s more exciting is that photos are allowed in the visitor center, so I can share some of them here.

Dustless Clean Room

This is the dustless clean room where the spacecrafts are assembled. The air is filtered to remove dust and other particles. The temperature and humidity are also controlled to prevent corrosion and other problems.

The big frame structure in the left upper corner is a model for engineers to see if parts fit the final spacecraft.

Indicator Light

Engineers Assembling

Another important part of the space center is the testing facilities.

The spacecrafts are tested in a vacuum chamber to simulate the space environment. The chamber can be cooled or heated to extreme temperatures. It can also simulate radiation and other space hazards.

Testing Can

Testing Chamber

The spacecrafts are also tested in a vibration table to simulate the launch as shown in the mirror.

Vibration Table

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